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A Healthy Body Equals A Healthy Mind

A Healthy Body Equals A Healthy Mind


Vegan SuperHero for Hire!!!!

Origins into Health and Fitness


Nutrition was important as a youth watching my mother going in and out of the hospital my entire life. She had issues with her weight, blood, bones and nerves. Later she developed diabetes. I stopped eating pork in middle school and then began being involved in boxing/karate in high school and stopped eating red meat after being instructed to as beef makes you sluggish due to our bodies inability to digest it properly. Attending college I learned how deep fried foods were incorporated in many cultures of the African Diaspora as a result of slavery. To make some foods edible the food was deep fried and generations later became adapted into the cultures with several signature foods being deep fried. I later received my Bachelor's Degree in History minoring in Anthropology with concentrations in African American Studies, Women's Studies and International Studies.

As I became healthier and learning more I had my mother pick up some of the eating habits. While taking a trip to the Dominican Republic with friends, upon returning all 7 of us became very sick. I later researched how to get away from consuming animal byproducts. I researched veganism and plant based foods simultaneously while studying to be a personal trainer so I would have more information. 

I have been vegan since January 2008 and have been learning everyday, getting stronger and more passionate as more time passes.

After my mother had a stroke in 2011 I moved her closer to me and took control of her diet.  I kept all my food at her apartment so when I ate, she ate. In 6 months I helped her go from 10 pills a day to only 1 and in another 6 months she was off all medication and stopped taking insulin as well. She began waking up at 6:30am with energy instead of 12pm and moving like a zombie. She joined a church and a community center and began cooking again for large groups. She became healthier and had more energy in her 70s than she had in her 30s and 40s.

Meanwhile, her doctors were discouraging the plant based diet and refusing medication however, at this point I became very aware on how nutrition is not a prerequisite for medical school and listening to her doctors kept her consistently sick. In less than a year she had been healthier than she had been in decades.


Unfortunately, I lost my mother on March 14, 2014 due to a car accident and now I speak up and encourage people to utilize nutrition over medication in honor of my mother. A Whole Foods Plant Based Diet helped her and myself and now I'm helping others see the light the same way.

Is being Vegan like having Super Powers????


I initially began the lifestyle for health reasons for myself and to help my mother. Then learning how it can help the environment and save animals from being harmed, the only thing that was confusing was how I lived so long not being aware of this information from being vegan. 

I do not get sick and I heal much faster now. I fractured my wrist in 2005 and it took over a year to heal properly and once I learned how to use food as a way to heal the body in 2013 I fractured my shin and 2 months later I was running 2 miles under 13 mins. 

I have been a behavioral specialist since 2006 and teaching in public schools since 2005 and noticed regardless of the demographics, economics, household and diagnosis the one thing all the youth having social and academic issues have in common is a poor diet. 

Saving the youth, animals and the planet as well as being free from illness is the closest there is to being a real Super Hero with Vegan Activism !!!!

Lose or gain weight, Healthy is the Goal.


Education over Medication!!!! 80% Nutrition 20% Exercise!!!! Training and teaching people to be stronger, faster but more importantly healthier. We don't push supplements, shakes or the need to live in the gym. We help you being healthy and getting sick less if ever again. 



Personal Training Sessions

Nutrition Classes for the Youth

Presentations/Workshops for Adults.  

Grocery Shopping Tours

Cooking Demonstrations

Private weekly session rates:

1=$50, 2=$95, 3=$140, 4=$180, 5=$225

Group Weekly rates:

1=$100, 2=$190, 3=$280, 4=$360, 5=$450

Private Package rates:

5=$225, 10=$450, 15=$675, 20=$800, 25=$1000

Group Package rates:

5=$450, 10=$900, 15=$1350, 20=$1600, 25=$2000

Payments due prior to 1st session.

Nutrition plan comes with 5+ sessions as well as a private/group grocery shopping assistance.

Package sessions are within a 3 month period

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